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The Association to Shelter and Aid Parrots (L’Association de Sauvegarde et d'Accueil des Perroquets – ASAP) is a non-profit organisation (pursuant to the 1901 law) devoted to safeguarding and supporting lost, seized, and abandoned parrots.  


The Centre, unique in France, is certified by the local veterinary services department and the prefecture. We shelter all types of parrots regardless of their age, behaviour, or previous ownership (individuals or government bodies).



They are documented in official registers and are not available for adoption. 


For reasons of hygiene, they are placed in quarantine the moment they arrive in the sanctuary.


We fight against the illegal and abusive trade of parrots and against their removal from the wild because breeding in captivity is sufficient to meet the demands of individuals. In addition, we serve as an information centre for individuals and provide advisory services for veterinarians. The ASAP website also aims to assist individuals who own or who would like to own a parrot. We strive to answer any questions that you may have, to help reduce your time spent researching.


As part of its educational accreditation, the ASAP also instructs veterinarians in their training cycle. We are authorised to receive interns currently engaged in training (CFPPA du Lot, IFSA, Institut rural de Carquefou, etc.) for their practical internship, which will be formally validated – as required by law – at the end of the internship period.


To maintain our independence and our impartiality, we are not associated with any group interested in the parrot "industry". Our answers and our advice are therefore guided only by our experience and our desire to protect.





Given rising food prices, falling donation levels, and ASAP’s fixed costs, we have no choice but to seek for your help.  Please pass the word to your family and friends!






On October 2, 2016, the members of COP17 conference of CITES have decided to upgrade the protection of African Grey Parrots. They voted to uplist the species to Appendix I in order to ban international trade of the wild African Grey parrots.


To know the consequence of this decision for the owners of African Grey Parrot, read our article on the page: Gris du Gabon


To learn more about the threats to this species, watch this video: species in decline






Consider offering a certificate of sponsorship in the name of the person to whom you want to offer it and with the picture of the parrot from the refuge you like, by clicking on the blue links. And above all, avoid impulsive purchase of a parrot  that you might regret, read first our page : purchasing a parrot.

To listen to Anne Boisset, consult our special page on the link below or click on the image :News ASAP